Installing and Running WCEN on Mac OS X

Installing X11

For OS X 10.3 to 10.7, X11 is likely installed by default. It's usually located at "Applications -> Utilities". If you don't see it there, open a Finder window and search for "". If X11 is not found, you can get it from your OS X Installation Disk, or Apple website: After downloading, open "X11User.dmg" and then double click "X11User.pkg" to install X11 (You will need administrative privileges to perform the installation).

Since OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Apple no longer includes X11 in the OS release. Users are advised to install from the XQuartz project:

Installing WCEN

Click here to download WCEN for Mac OS X (for both PowerPC and Intel Macs). Double click the download tar file to invoke StuffIt Expander to extract files in the archive to a folder (named "wcen_2.6.5_osx Folder" or similar). Open the folder, move "WCEN" (or "") to your favorite place. Read the file with a text editor and then copy (and rename) it to an appropriate place as instructed (warning: WCEN might not work if this is not done).

Please note that if you put WCEN in a folder whose name or whose ancestor's name contains white spaces (space, tab, and newline characters), e.g., "my programs", or "my programs"->"favorite", WCEN might not run when you click it. This is a known bug and please contact wen.bian at if you like to hunt it down. The fix is simple but system-dependent.

Running WCEN

Double click the "WCEN" icon to run it. If WCEN is on your Dock, you can simply drag your image file to the WCEN icon.

You might also want to make WCEN the default application for your images, say, ".smv" files. To do so, right-click (or Option-click) an image file, in the popup menu, click "Open With", select "Other", find WCEN, check "Always Open With" and click "Open". The next time you double click a ".smv" file, WCEN will be invoked automatically.

Recommended X11 setup:

For efficient colormap management, WCEN prefers 8-bit Pseudocolor visual. By default, X11 on OS X runs in 24-bit TrueColor mode. If you do not run other X11 applications often or at all, then you might want to change the default setting to make X11 launch in 8-bit PseudoColor mode. To do this, launch X11, click the X11 icon on the Dock to make it active, in the top menu, open Preferences, select the Output pane, change the Colors value to "256 Colors", close Preferences and restart X11.