WCEN 2.6

  • More background removal options

  • Executables for Intel Macs.

WCEN 2.5

  • Allow resizing of images in the main window

  • Batch image conversion from tif/smv to smv, saving current parameters

  • Batch image conversion from tif/smv to png, using current colormap settings

  • Plotting function enhancement and bug fixes

WCEN 2.4

  • Support for png writing

WCEN 2.3

  • Background removal using parameters obtained from RADFN

  • Allow resizing of reciprocal images in the main window

  • Crop image by resolution

  • Add/remove scroll window (scrolling clips off images)

  • Automatic scrolling to the center of image after loading (if the scroll bars are present)

  • Main window minimum size enforced (to prevent it from collapsing when loading a small image)

  • Misc: new SMV file parameters for reciprocal images, new startup options (see WCEN.app-defaults), etc

  • Bug fixes for: masking, zooming, etc

WCEN 2.2

  • Please read the file WCEN.app-defaults included in the tar archive...

  • Misc features such as key press for colormap control:
    for adding control box: press M or m or A or a
    for removing control box: press R or r or D or d
    (M is for middle button, R is for right button; A is for add, D is for delete).

WCEN 2.1

  • Added mask capability (under the Draw menu)

  • Added coordinate display on full pattern

  • Added options for handling images in reciprocal space

  • Bug fixes...

WCEN 2.0

  • Able to run in 24-bit TrueColor (the default visual for most computers), no messy PseudoColor setup needed. PseudoColor is recommended though if you know how to set it up.

  • Filter: image filtering in real space (blur, sharpen, etc) and Fourier space (high-pass, low-pass, etc).

  • Plot: plotting data along a line, radius, arc, circle, sector, and rectangle and saving plot as picture or data.

  • New image operations: crop, merge, and rescale (intended to be used with Disorder output).

  • New colormap options: drawn in log scale.

  • New transform options: quadrants selection.

  • Added a file browsing mode, good for quick browsing of a set of images.

  • Added a new image format, "spr", a text image format generated by FIT2D (Ironically FIT2D can't read it back). The "spr" format is used in Disorder.

  • Added a scroll pane in the Parameter panel, so that if your screen resolution is <1024x768, you can scroll down to see all the parameters.

  • Most popup windows are now independent of the main window, so they can stay behind it. This might be desirable if your screen resolution is small, say, 1024x768.

  • In Linux, you can open an image at command line with "wcen filename"; On Mac, you can drag an image file to the WCEN icon. Of course, you can make WCEN the default opener for your image files and then a double-click of the iamges would invoke WCEN.

  • Read and write more fields in smv/adsc file.

  • Added functions for working on reciprocal images.

  • And some more...