Installing and Running WCEN on Linux

Installing WCEN

Click here to download WCEN. Extract the files from the tar archive with "tar -xvf wcen_2.6.5_linux.tar". There are two executables there, wcen and wcens. Use wcen if your system has Motif libraries installed, otherwise try wcens in which Motif libraries are included. Please read carefully the file with a text editor and then copy (and rename) it to an appropriate place as instructed (warning: WCEN might not work if this is not done).

About Motif libraries: you can obtain them from either OpenMotif, or LessTif. OpenMotif 2.3 was used in compilation of this version of WCEN.

64-bit Linux users: currently only 32-bit WCEN executable is available, so to run WCEN you will have to have 32-bit support installed on your system. For example, for 64-bit Ubuntu, you need to install the ia32 package (sudo apt-get install ia32-libs --fix-missing). If you have 32-bit support but have problems installing Motif libraries, try wcens instead.

Running WCEN

When you run wcen, it will first check available visuals on your screen, and use the PseudoColor visual if it is there, which allows more efficient colormap manipulations on large images. If no PseudoColor is found, WCEN then uses TrueColor.

Please read FAQ Q3 if you wish to set up PseudoColor on your system. If you get an error message like "user not authorized to run the X server", refer to FAQ Q1 for instructions. You may want to read x.html for X Basics.


The WCEN executables provided here have been tested to work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and Ubuntu. If it does not run on your Linux box, chances are there are some common libraries missing, too old, or too new. Run the command "ldd wcen" to see what shared libraries and versions are needed, and compare them to the ones you have. You can usually solve those problems by creating some symbolic links, e.g., if WCEN requires, and you have, "ln -s" usually gets WCEN happy. In any case, feel free to contact wen.bian at for solutions and we might be able to produce an executable for your system.