WCEN v2.6.5

WCEN v2.6.5 is ready for downloading (What's new)

About version numbering: in A.B[.C], A indicates a major update, B indicates addition/upgrade of one or more features, and C is a bug fix release for the version A.B.

Downloads and Installation
Please follow the links below for installation and running instructions. Any quesstions or suggestions, please contact wen.bian at vanderbilt.edu.
Click here to download sample images (two smv files in a tar archive) for testing of WCEN. To open the archive, use "tar -xvf wcen_sample.tar" on Linux, StuffIt Expander on OS X, and WinRAR or WinZip on Windows.

WCEN for Mac OS X            WCEN for Linux            WCEN for Windows

System Requirement
WCEN is written in C/C++ with X/Motif. Please refer to the links above on how to install X11/Motif on your system. A minimum of 32MB free RAM would be necessary for WCEN to run smoothly. Click Here for a brief discussion of X Windows and WCEN running environment.

WCEN is a fiber diffraction pattern processing program developed at FiberNet. The program displays fiber diffraction patterns, determines diffraction parameters, corrects systematic effects and maps diffraction data into reciprocal space. WCEN provides highly customizable colormaps great for visualizing images with dynamic ranges of intensity (often the case in fiber diffraction). Its data plotting, image filtering and manipulation routines are also useful for general scientific image processing.

WCEN Manual            WCEN Beginner's Tutorial            WCEN FAQ

We would like to thank the following people for their input and help in WCEN development:
Tom Irving, Joseph Orgel, Srinivas Janaswamy, Liang Guo, and Ben Hines.
If you find WCEN helpful in your research, please let us know, and for publications, please cite:
W. Bian, H. Wang, I. McCullough, G. Stubbs.
WCEN: A Computer Program for Initial Processing of Fiber Diffraction Patterns.
J. Applied Crystallography, 39:752-756, 2006. [link]