RADFN v1.12

RADFN is an angular deconvolution program designed for measuring intensity data from partially oriented specimens to the highest possible resolution. With X-ray diffraction data on a polar grid, the program performs background subtraction, disorientation deconvolution, and overlapping correction, to extract the intensity for each "reflection" on the grid. RADFN is based on an angular deconvolution algorithm and procedure described in this paper: Makowski, 1978, J. Appl. Cryst., 11, 273-283.

System Requirement
RADFN currently runs on Linux and Mac OS X systems. Please let us know if you'd like to have one for Microsoft Windows. A minimum of 32MB free RAM would be necessary for RADFN to run smoothly.

Downloads and Installation
Click here to download RADFN for Linux, and here for Mac OS X (for both PowerPC and Intel Macs).

The Linux tar package contains RADFN executable, icon and desktop entry files. Open the desktop entry file with a text editor and edit the "Exec" and "Icon" locations to where you put the executable and icon, and then copy the file to your desktop.

The Mac tar package contains an APP folder with RADFN executable, icon, and other resource files packed in. You can move the APP folder wherever you like and clicking it will get RADFN running. Please note that for PowerPC Macs, RADFN requires g77 libraries, which you can obtain from hpc.sourceforge.net.

Manual and tutorial:  Word  PDF